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Over the past six months Ive been to a few places traveling for work, family and school. There have been ups and downs but I still try to capture all my adventures, especially now that i have an iPhone 🙂 Today I sat my last exam of my MBA programme and I feel so free spirited that I can get back to blogging and sharing with you all.  Enjoy!

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Hottie! Hottie!

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So my husband owned a car that’s been parked in the backyard for “what seems like forever” and with great delight informed me that he sold the car last week. So… my anticipation and celebration of the of the removal we made a discovery in the process. A chicken was finding it very cozy under the car.

Evidence……..Back yard mystery!


Now I’m investigating which mother hen it is, this is such exciting backyard drama! So a few days later I’m up early and there’s a commotion in the back garden. I’m thinking is there a fight back there or what. I get an education; when the mother hen is laying she makes a lot of noise. So I open the back door quietly with my blackberry on the camera feature ready to go. I’m on the back step then I approach her from the side to get a photo and she runs away! I’m distraught and cant believe she runs away, leaves the eggs unattended it must be that mother hen is CAMERA SHY. Are you kidding me…..I wanted the photo so bad!

Anyways my husband Callroy (MY HERO) sent me this photo yesterday while at work. He’s a master photographer in my eyes now,  I couldn’t even get this close to get a photo of the Mother Hen. So I’ve named her Hottie Hottie Mother Hen because she’s laying eggs very nearby my Scotch Bonnet Pepper Patch. Such wonderful entertainment nature is!

Hottie! Hottie! Love you like hot peppers!

Peppers, Tomatoes, Cucumbers…….Iguanas?

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As a child I grew up admiring my Mom for her passion and love for growing flowers, all kinds. The care and time that went into prepping seedlings, transplanting, watering and fertilizing is an amazing commitment. I never expected that this experience would have influenced me to become a gardener too.

After building my home 7 years ago I went to work on beautification. Enlisting the help of Dennis, my gardener who would visit once a month to help me with big jobs. First I started with planting grass in the front of my home for a lawn. Then I planted some flowering shrubs in front to increase the colour variation. Once the front part of my home was set I got a bug…..the urge to plant vegetables. I sat down one day and imagined how great it would be to grow tomatoes and cucumbers; my favourite vegetables! Here is evidence of my achievement.

What I love most is waking up early when everything is cool and quiet. I prepare my pots, the soil and pop seeds in. The most rewarding feeling is when you see life starting the peep up out of the soil 7 – 14 days later. Living in the tropics there are many grooming aspects to planting, first natural circle of life stuff like catepillars and bugs that feed on new plants. These pests can hinder the growth and strength of the plants. So I learned through experience that hand grooming is best and use of organic treatments like neem oil and natural mushroom compost to  support healthy progress.

Seedlings on my back porch

I started with one garden bed for the cucumbers, tomatoes and then expanded with two more grow beds. One of the three beds is a permanent pepper patch and the other I rotate crops and try new vegetables. There are some really annoying animals that love to eat away at vegetables this disables the plant and they die out. Usually I’m left feeling really upset that I nurtured the plant to certain point and some animal comes along and has lunch!!! not cool man…… I once got into an altercation with an iguana and ran him down with a stick I was so mad! I very quickly learned to respect them after he swatted back at me with his tail 😮

Here’s a photo of the notorious garden pest.

The Green Iguana, they love to eat cucumber and pea leaves!!!

I’ve become a lover of dirt, a tree huger and respectful of all living things. As a busy marketing professional I look forward to free weekends where are an get out in the backyard to do some weeding,  tidying up, plant new vegetables and prune the mature grow beds. I look forward to all seasons here in Cayman we have mangoes, avocados, breadfruit, cherry and ackee trees. Harvesting is the best because I get to prepare a meal with what I pick from my garden. It’s an amazing and fulfilling hobby but I learn more as I go along and win loads of friends when I share my freshly picked produce.

Here are some photos of what I’ve accomplished in the time I’ve tried my hand at vegetable gardening. Vote for the best pic below that means you have to scroll to the end!

Super HOT Scotch Bonnet Pepper - Great in Curry Chicken!

Fresh Caribbean Cherries "A bit tart and sweet"

Breadfruit makes a mean substitute for Potato Salad

Coconut Jelly

One of my largest harvests - chillies, carrots and beets

Bowl of Fresh Veggies

Beefsteak Tomato

Grow Bed #1

Cucumber hanging out on a trellis

Living on an island and marketing it for a living…..

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I grew up swimming in the ocean and going fishing with my father on Saturday mornings. Eating fresh fish, conch, lobster and an island delicacy ” green sea turtle”. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that jumping off the dock into the sea and helping my mom cook fish run down …..would help me position the Cayman Islands as a premier Caribbean vacation destination as a career. I worked in hotels for many years particularly in event planning and wedding coordination. But my current job with the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism has afforded me the opportunity to sell the wonderful attributes my islands to the world. I’m a marketing manager and my largest responsibility is management of a multi-million dollar media plan. I love what I do it never feels like work. Here’s one of my favourite photos.

Point of Sand, Little Cayman

Three islands make up the Cayman Islands; Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. All three have their own personality with Grand Cayman being the most inhabited described as “Cosmopolitan”

Wifi You Tube Video –

Cayman Brac “Adventurous” home to the captivating Bluff that rises 160 feet above sea level and Little Cayman the most quaint and laid back of all “Tranquil” with 100 permanent residents year round.

The Cayman Islands is also known as one of the best places to dive in the world. The warmest water and best underwater visbility . Here’s a video of the recent sinking of the Ex USS Kittiwake Ship in January 2011 our newest diving attraction. Click here to view on You Tube:

What’s amazing to me is that there are so many different nationalities represented in the Cayman Islands over 120 in fact. There are large groups represented from the United Kingdom, Canada, USA, Jamaica and the Philippines. In saying that you can’t have a bad meal in Cayman; there are so many restaurants and local eateries to choose from. Check out the Good Taste Guide online for a comprehensive listing.

My favourite activity on the weekend to hang out on the beach and sip on a mudslide. It’s a frozen cocktail that has Kahlua, Vodka and Bailey’s, so amazingly good!!!

yummy yummy and it goes down so well!

I thank my luck stars that I get to live in such a beautiful country where there’s just so much to do and see. We have a turtle farm, I mentioned earlier that we eat turtle. turtle meat is regulated by the Cayman Islands Turtle Farm. This delicacy dates back to when Christopher Columbus discovered the Cayman Islands in 1503 and the land had an abundance of alligators and turtles and these were hunted for food to sustain families. We have a strong sea faring heritage whereby our men went to sea traveling the world. Our women and children lived off the land and sea with turtle, fish, conch and lobster. This is an very much a part of our culture and who we are as  a people.

So this is a very brief synopsis of the Cayman Islands there’s so much to learn but I love the idea of being able to share with you what I love so much about my country.