Transplanting fever 

Today I spent my day transplanting seedlings. Despite several attempts at sweet peppers I have 6 in small pots. My favs are Cucumber and Sweet Bell Peppers. Also I have a very good crop of Black Krim Tomato, scallion and beets.

Scotch Bonnets have proven difficult to germinate. Callroy and I love to cook and season meals with Scotch Bonnett pepper so I am determined. Here is a picture of my commitment to growing Scotch bonnett; I bought some fresh peppers from the Market at the Grounds yesterday and started the seed drying process at home. Wish me luck! 

My first attempt at sweet corn ended with the chickens getting the best of things. So I did another round and I’m happy to report the Honey Sweet Corn are finally in the ground!

Finally, Callroy and I started to prepare a grow bed to transplant the cucumber plants. We erected our cucumber trellis and will protect our succulent cucumbers by installing grow bed fencing. Cayman has a notorious garden pest “the Green Iguana” so being a step ahead to keep them out is a must.

Lots going on here in TG. Stay tuned for more updates. 




~ by rosaviola on February 19, 2017.

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