Monitor and nurture

Well I’ve seen some progress since my last blog post. My Four O’clocks were doing so well, leafy and healthy and the caterpillars reminded me that I have always be on guard. I was away for a week and came home to almost budding Four O’clocks. Until I saw the dreaded black droppings. So I treated with Sevin Bug Killer this morning. Picture is below remember if you experience this the best approach is to spray the top and underside of the leaves. 

Nevertheless I have some nice updates to share. The first time around I planted basil, thyme and oregano directly into my herb garden but the beloved Cayman chickens dug them up. So I started over in seed trays and the herbs are coming along nicely. I just love herbs to cook with or in salads. 

I am also pleased with the beets, scallion and black krim tomato seedlings. Staggering seedling growth rates will help you keep up with transplanting and gardening demands of your seedlings.

I transplanted the cucumbers today into larger pots. This is to start the hardening process in order to graduate them to the outside garden bed. I’m also attempting scotch bonnet pepper again none of my seeds have germinated over the past 7 weeks. Wish me luck!

Here’s a short video:

All is well here in Tropical Gardens. I enjoy sharing my gardening with you. Happy Sunday!



~ by rosaviola on February 12, 2017.

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