Beautiful start

Last week I posted about my return to gardening. Well Callroy and I did sow seeds, watered with love and of course Mother Nature provided the much needed sunshine. I am happy to share there’s emergence of growth.
Cucumbers never disappoint. They are always the first to germinate and create complete excitement!

Then there are the ‘Beets’, I was surprised because I thought for sure the sweet peppers or scallion would be first to pop from these seedlings. Well I can honestly say I am pleased with this week’s progress.

Finally, I took chance and planted flowers. My friends know I love vegetables but I have an appreciation for annuals too. The ‘Four o’Clocks’ flowers I planted are doing well and standing strong in my patio flower pot.

It gives much so much joy to share my gardening journey with you. I continue to be patient and eagerly await the germination of corn, scotch bonnet peppers, sweet peppers, tomatoes and scallion.

Until next time, enjoy your weekend!




~ by rosaviola on January 7, 2017.

One Response to “Beautiful start”

  1. You are back! Congrats and can’t wait to see the bounty…

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