Healthy Start with local treats and confessions

As we embark on 2013 we’re all most likely thinking about the goals we made for 2012 and didn’t accomplish; also what we may want to do differently. Well I have a confession to make. Every Monday in 2012 I renewed my goal of getting fit and I didn’t do very well at accomplishing my goal …..actually I really failed. But onwards and upwards for 2013!  I won’t dwell. What I can tell you is …….I had planned to blog about my wonderful experience at Market at the Grounds  like getting first pick at ground provisions, veggies and other ingredients for Cayman Thanksgiving Dinner celebrated on Sunday, December 2, 2012. Truth be told; we didn’t indulge in a rich, carb-centric meal on December 2, 2012. Instead I made a light dinner for my husband and I with the nice veggies I had bought the day prior. Blame it on my guilt for not doing what I was supposed to do to get in tip top shape all year long for 2012.

So here we are January 3, 2013 and I’ve started my renewed goal of a healthy lifestyle which includes a balanced diet and working out five times a week. So my message today is all about the wonderful healthy choice opportunities for fresh vegetables, fruits and local delights grown locally here in the Cayman Islands; featuring produce that isn’t exposed to the chemicals, like the veggies flown in and sold in supermarkets here in Cayman. I had such a pleasant experience at Market at the Grounds and the options just keep increasing. See below my chosen bounty that made it home with me.

Rosa's Produce Selection

Rosa’s Produce Selection

I mentioned the growing options earlier (pun intended) and it is quite impressive the number of opportunities the Grand Cayman community has available. What’s even better is that I was told by one of the farmers that local restaurants are their largest client so we have healthy local options being served in the local restaurants when we choose to dine out. Now if only we could have full confidence that Cayman’s  fine chefs  used just a little  butter in their recipes and not a lot (hint) we would feel better.  Nevertheless we can take on that responsibility and request freshly steamed vegetables no butter to help keep on track . Well….again I need to heed  to my own advice …..remember I’m not exactly innocent here when it comes to being  “good” in that area (wink).

Right so…’s a gallery of images with a brief overview of the the stalls visited. I even got fresh eggs, coconut water and I bought a full breakfast before leaving Market at the Grounds. What a great morning it was!

Remember to support Market at the Grounds by including this authentic shopping destination when you  sit down to write up your weekend errands list. Saturday mornings will become a shopping pleasure when you visit Market at the Grounds, Savannah.  If you’re a visitor to the Cayman Islands this is one of the freshest and best ways to taste what Cayman has to offer.

Wishing you all a heart healthy 2013!


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