Hottie! Hottie!

So my husband owned a car that’s been parked in the backyard for “what seems like forever” and with great delight informed me that he sold the car last week. So… my anticipation and celebration of the of the removal we made a discovery in the process. A chicken was finding it very cozy under the car.

Evidence……..Back yard mystery!


Now I’m investigating which mother hen it is, this is such exciting backyard drama! So a few days later I’m up early and there’s a commotion in the back garden. I’m thinking is there a fight back there or what. I get an education; when the mother hen is laying she makes a lot of noise. So I open the back door quietly with my blackberry on the camera feature ready to go. I’m on the back step then I approach her from the side to get a photo and she runs away! I’m distraught and cant believe she runs away, leaves the eggs unattended it must be that mother hen is CAMERA SHY. Are you kidding me…..I wanted the photo so bad!

Anyways my husband Callroy (MY HERO) sent me this photo yesterday while at work. He’s a master photographer in my eyes now,  I couldn’t even get this close to get a photo of the Mother Hen. So I’ve named her Hottie Hottie Mother Hen because she’s laying eggs very nearby my Scotch Bonnet Pepper Patch. Such wonderful entertainment nature is!

Hottie! Hottie! Love you like hot peppers!


~ by rosaviola on September 30, 2011.

2 Responses to “Hottie! Hottie!”

  1. You know, wanting a pic of a hen in the middle of what is essentially chicken childbirth is funny. But what is absolutely adorable is the fact that your very male, very manly husband knew you wanted it and as silly as it may have been, he took a pic for you because he wanted to make you happy! Now that is romantic! LOL.

  2. Of course Callroy saves the day! Oh how we love him:) It does seem to make sense that the hen would have some discomfort when laying the eggs. I mean look at the size of those when compared to her body. So are you going to keep the hen and have some free range fried eggs for breakfast? I think I’m almost ready to have my veggie commitment conversation.

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