Transplanting fever 

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Today I spent my day transplanting seedlings. Despite several attempts at sweet peppers I have 6 in small pots. My favs are Cucumber and Sweet Bell Peppers. Also I have a very good crop of Black Krim Tomato, scallion and beets.

Scotch Bonnets have proven difficult to germinate. Callroy and I love to cook and season meals with Scotch Bonnett pepper so I am determined. Here is a picture of my commitment to growing Scotch bonnett; I bought some fresh peppers from the Market at the Grounds yesterday and started the seed drying process at home. Wish me luck! 

My first attempt at sweet corn ended with the chickens getting the best of things. So I did another round and I’m happy to report the Honey Sweet Corn are finally in the ground!

Finally, Callroy and I started to prepare a grow bed to transplant the cucumber plants. We erected our cucumber trellis and will protect our succulent cucumbers by installing grow bed fencing. Cayman has a notorious garden pest “the Green Iguana” so being a step ahead to keep them out is a must.

Lots going on here in TG. Stay tuned for more updates. 




Monitor and nurture

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Well I’ve seen some progress since my last blog post. My Four O’clocks were doing so well, leafy and healthy and the caterpillars reminded me that I have always be on guard. I was away for a week and came home to almost budding Four O’clocks. Until I saw the dreaded black droppings. So I treated with Sevin Bug Killer this morning. Picture is below remember if you experience this the best approach is to spray the top and underside of the leaves. 

Nevertheless I have some nice updates to share. The first time around I planted basil, thyme and oregano directly into my herb garden but the beloved Cayman chickens dug them up. So I started over in seed trays and the herbs are coming along nicely. I just love herbs to cook with or in salads. 

I am also pleased with the beets, scallion and black krim tomato seedlings. Staggering seedling growth rates will help you keep up with transplanting and gardening demands of your seedlings.

I transplanted the cucumbers today into larger pots. This is to start the hardening process in order to graduate them to the outside garden bed. I’m also attempting scotch bonnet pepper again none of my seeds have germinated over the past 7 weeks. Wish me luck!

Here’s a short video:

All is well here in Tropical Gardens. I enjoy sharing my gardening with you. Happy Sunday!


A lil water, sunlight and love 

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Well a few things have happened since I last posted. I had some good responses from the beets, cucumber and scallion sown. However the scotch bonnet pepper, sweet pepper and corn didn’t germinate. Gardening has many twists turns and pop up situations. But the star of the show wasn’t my future veggies but surprisingly was the flowering annuals called “Four O’clocks”. Quick sprouting action, consistent and healthy development in a short time frame. 

Leafy green and perky Four O’Clocks!

This was their progress just a few weeks ago. 

A real winner! I can’t wait to see how they flower I have two pots of them on either side my entrance door.

In other news here are the seedlings first planted maybe another week before transplanting to a bigger pot.
Beets and scallion


I’ve planted another round of scotch bonnet, sweet bell pepper and corn. Wish me luck, until then!



Beautiful start

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Last week I posted about my return to gardening. Well Callroy and I did sow seeds, watered with love and of course Mother Nature provided the much needed sunshine. I am happy to share there’s emergence of growth.
Cucumbers never disappoint. They are always the first to germinate and create complete excitement!

Then there are the ‘Beets’, I was surprised because I thought for sure the sweet peppers or scallion would be first to pop from these seedlings. Well I can honestly say I am pleased with this week’s progress.

Finally, I took chance and planted flowers. My friends know I love vegetables but I have an appreciation for annuals too. The ‘Four o’Clocks’ flowers I planted are doing well and standing strong in my patio flower pot.

It gives much so much joy to share my gardening journey with you. I continue to be patient and eagerly await the germination of corn, scotch bonnet peppers, sweet peppers, tomatoes and scallion.

Until next time, enjoy your weekend!



2017 revival and new beginnings

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Life gets so busy I can’t believe so much time has past and I haven’t grown any veggies in the past 5 years. One aspect of my life that is undeniable; I am an avid gardener and plant lover. My commitment in 2017 is to focus on doing what makes me happy. At the top of the list; gardening.

So here’s to revival of my back yard and to new beginnings. My husband and I spent this morning prepping for new crops.

Stay tuned as I blog about my passion “Backyard Gardening in Tropical Gardens”. 


This will be the future home of Sweet Corn

Healthy Start with local treats and confessions

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As we embark on 2013 we’re all most likely thinking about the goals we made for 2012 and didn’t accomplish; also what we may want to do differently. Well I have a confession to make. Every Monday in 2012 I renewed my goal of getting fit and I didn’t do very well at accomplishing my goal …..actually I really failed. But onwards and upwards for 2013!  I won’t dwell. What I can tell you is …….I had planned to blog about my wonderful experience at Market at the Grounds  like getting first pick at ground provisions, veggies and other ingredients for Cayman Thanksgiving Dinner celebrated on Sunday, December 2, 2012. Truth be told; we didn’t indulge in a rich, carb-centric meal on December 2, 2012. Instead I made a light dinner for my husband and I with the nice veggies I had bought the day prior. Blame it on my guilt for not doing what I was supposed to do to get in tip top shape all year long for 2012.

So here we are January 3, 2013 and I’ve started my renewed goal of a healthy lifestyle which includes a balanced diet and working out five times a week. So my message today is all about the wonderful healthy choice opportunities for fresh vegetables, fruits and local delights grown locally here in the Cayman Islands; featuring produce that isn’t exposed to the chemicals, like the veggies flown in and sold in supermarkets here in Cayman. I had such a pleasant experience at Market at the Grounds and the options just keep increasing. See below my chosen bounty that made it home with me.

Rosa's Produce Selection

Rosa’s Produce Selection

I mentioned the growing options earlier (pun intended) and it is quite impressive the number of opportunities the Grand Cayman community has available. What’s even better is that I was told by one of the farmers that local restaurants are their largest client so we have healthy local options being served in the local restaurants when we choose to dine out. Now if only we could have full confidence that Cayman’s  fine chefs  used just a little  butter in their recipes and not a lot (hint) we would feel better.  Nevertheless we can take on that responsibility and request freshly steamed vegetables no butter to help keep on track . Well….again I need to heed  to my own advice …..remember I’m not exactly innocent here when it comes to being  “good” in that area (wink).

Right so…’s a gallery of images with a brief overview of the the stalls visited. I even got fresh eggs, coconut water and I bought a full breakfast before leaving Market at the Grounds. What a great morning it was!

Remember to support Market at the Grounds by including this authentic shopping destination when you  sit down to write up your weekend errands list. Saturday mornings will become a shopping pleasure when you visit Market at the Grounds, Savannah.  If you’re a visitor to the Cayman Islands this is one of the freshest and best ways to taste what Cayman has to offer.

Wishing you all a heart healthy 2013!

The Holidays……are you ready?

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So I’m sitting here in meetings viewing presentations I’ve seen for what seems like the 100th time so I decided I would blog a bit. I have absolutely no shame 🙂 I’m being quite sentimental at the moment thinking about the holiday season and really I cant wait for all the festivities to begin. My Christmas decorations are out and the tree in erected but I need to get in the MOOD for decorating the house. Honestly Christmas time is my favourite time of the year, the lights, the decorations, the music, shopping for gifts and best of all time off from work to enjoy with my family.

Back in the day my family used to go to beach to cut a  pine tree that would be transformed as our Christmas tree. Very similar to other countries but adopted for our tropical location. We would decorate the tree with tinsel, fairy lights and holiday balls. I love going to church most of all at this time of year as well singing Christmas carols and enjoying the annual “Cantata” musical performances at my church Elmslie Memorial United Church.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I love celebrating life and the gift of life from God. This year I will be trying my hand at Caymanian treats namely Cassava Cake and Cayman Style Beef. Both are known to be a part of Cayman Christmas festivities.

Wishing you all a joyous season, toast it up!